Surplus Materials/Equipment

Meridian Precision, Inc. can provide any additional work, modification, testing or assembly to almost any of the items we sell as surplus. Our onsite tool and die facility can also serve many of your metalworking or plastic fabricating needs. Please visit our EBay Store or see below for more information on our Surplus Materials and Equipment.


Davis Standard reported rebuilt by EXALOY 18' 9" long

This was bought with a group of other equipment and we have no use for this other than decoration. Item is crated and will be loaded onto your truck or carrier. It appears to have been refurbished with new mixing pins. It came out of a factory that was making auto mats and was told it came from an 8" Davis Standard Extruder. It is very clean. WE can provide any additional measurements if you need them.


This tool like some of our others was used to coat the back of carpet for the production of automotive floor carpet. It is in very good condition and is adjustable from .020" to .095". We have an original print for this die available on request.


This is a new unit not in a box. It measures about 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 106" long. It was probably to be used with the linear bearings I have listed. It will ship UPS to almost anywhere in the USA for $ 50.00. The unit has some minor storage dust and marks on it from being out of the box.

Here is a link to some information.

54 x 86 Steel Rule Hydraulic Die Cutting Press used for Floor Tile 10 Stroke

This is a unit that came from an Armstrong Tile facility. There is no manufactures name plate on the unit other than on the components (motors, valves, etc.). We have been told that it was used only in a development lab. There is no wear on any of the machine which would seem to indicate that. There are steel rule cutting dies in the machine for 12" x 12" tile in a 3 piece by 15 piece pattern for a total of 15 tiles at once. We purchased the machine but never started it up. We did however connect air to the cylinders and cycle the platens several times with no indication of any problems.

This is an up acting machine that has six (6) 10" diameter cylinders to raise the lower platen. This machine was fed with a pair of geared rolls that are also run by hydraulics. The power unit has a 40 HP three phase motor with two pumps mounted on it (one pump on each end). The motor has two output shafts and is 230/460 volts.

This unit used one pump for high speed and the other for high pressure when the dies were closed for the cut. There is a hydraulic tank that is mounted on the power pack that looks as if would hold about 250 gallons. The power pack will need a good cleaning and probably some re-wiring for your desired mode of operation.

The control panel is small with some switches and relays but will need to be rebuilt or replaced.

The entire unit was mounted at a 45 degree angle on large brackets that are shown in the photos. The unit stands about 7' tall as shown and will measure about 10' tall if used with the incline blocks. When in operation the uncut tile was fed into the press from the high end and gravity permitted the cut tile blocks to fall from the machine. The unit probably weighs in the 20,000-30,000 lb. range and will need to be loaded onto a flatbed truck.

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